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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  January 4, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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after a race that was nearly too close to call and this morning, there is a winner in the caucus. mitt romney claiming victory over rick santorum but by just eight votes. fox 5 morning news continues right now. start you out with a look outside this morning. washington monument to the far left of your screen on this wednesday morning. it is january 4th, 2012, coldest day of the year so far. we are four days in but 17 degrees is pretty cold for any part of the year. glad air with us. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. before we get to weather and traffic, we do have some school closings and delays to pass along. in virginia, winchester city schools are closed today. clark county schools are
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delayed by two hours. heading to maryland now, allegheny and garrett county schools or a two-hour delay. in west virginia, grant, hampshire, hardy and mineral county schools are all delayed by two hours. >> i think we can go by geography there and all of that is out to the west. seems like that is where the snow was. >> that is where they got snow in the past couple of days. couple of inches in some places and it was really blowing around yesterday. we had some snow flurries here as expected but that was it. we don't have any of that this morning. what we have is very cold air in place. definitely, as you said, the coldest air of the season so far and i'm pretty certain that this will end up being one of the coldest days of the winter. we don't get this cold that afternoon. let's take a look at what is going on. we'll start with the bus stop forecast as you are getting. kids ready for school. please bundle them up this morning. your actual air temperatures range from 10 to 18 degrees or so. it is a very cold start to the day. we'll have sunny skies once the sun comes up but it will be
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cold not just this morning but through the day today. current temperatures around the region, let's check it out. 17degrees right now in washington. only 17. 14 at dulles airport. 14 in baltimore. nine in winchester. ocean city is at 16 degrees. here is your forecast for today. it will be another day where we have a mix of clouds and sun. won't be as breezy as it was yesterday. our high again in the low to mid-30s. 34degrees in washington, 36 at fredericksburg. 33 in germantown. more details on the forecast coming up shortly. >> something tells me julie wright will not be running outside in this weather. >> absolutely not. i'll run in just about anything but not in this cold. on the roads, we will say good morning to the crew in sky fox. they are hovering above 66 this morning. hopefully, they are staying toasty warm up in sky fox. as you travel inbound, expect to find some tea lays approaching and passing
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business 234 in manassas but here, as you make your way past 123 and nut hi street headed close in towards the beltway. -- and nutley street headed close in towards the beltway. lanes are open traveling between the robinson terminal and 66. here we are headed across the chain bridge. traffic running smoothly in each direction. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. thank you. now to the race for the white house. it is the first vote in the lead-up to the nomination for gop candidates. after spending the night in a near dead heat, early this morning, mitt romney eked out the narrowest of victories beating rick santorum by just eight votes. here are your totals. mitt romney with 30,015.
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rick santorum, 30,007. mitt romney won 13 delegates. rick santorum took 12, 48%. saner to up says his rise to the top is part of his agenda. he declared game on. in the meantime, mitt romney is now setting his sights on president obama. >> we are all working together because of our passion for this country our current that it is being led by a president who may be nice guy but just is over his head. >> what wins in america are bold ideas, sharp contrasts and a plan that includes everyone. >> mitt romney is heavily favored in nam nap's first in the nation primary. that will be next week, january 10th. officials say he will pick up an endorsement this morning from senator john mccain who twice won the new hampshire primary and was the gop presidential nominee in 2008. >> everybody shifting their focus now to new hampshire. ron palm says he is confident
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he will have support in the independent-minded state. romney, santorum, gingrich and john huntsman will all be in new hampshire. huntsman did not campaign in iowa. rather than heading to new hampshire, texas governor rick perry is heading to his home state for, quote, prayer and reflection. he was scheduled to stop in south carolina today but decided to cancel those appearances fueling speculation that he will drop out of the presidential race. he placed fifth in the iowa caucuses. representative michelle bachmann says she is not bowing out despite coming in last among the six candidates who campaigned in iowa. last night, her campaign montgomery told the associated press he could not say with certainty if she would continue after the disappointing results but bachmann spoke shortly after telling a crowd of supporters that she is a quote, true conservative who can defeat president obama. and meanwhile, the president continues his re- election push. he will be in ohio today for a spoach on the economy. last night, he held a video conference with democrats in iowa.
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-- for a speech on the necessity. economy. >> across the board, you have made a difference. we all necessity we have a lot mother work to do. although we've passed health care reform and wall street reform, there are a lot of forces that want to push back against it and want to undo some of the changes. >> president obama you will remember won the iowa caucuses in 2008. our coverage campaign trail continues later on this hour live from capitol hill. another big story this morning, the he cantics controversy dogging d.c. council member harry thomas. >> it appears he did not make his second $50 thousand payment to the district. stacy cohan following the new governments for us here in studio. >> reporter: this is actually the second of six scheduled payments councilmember harry thomas agreed to make as part of a deal he cut with the city back in july and the city plans to use all means available to
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collect. thomas is accused of using $300,000 marked for youth sports on personal items like a luxury suv, trips and meals. this missed payment comes a month after fbi and irs agents raided the councilmember's home in connection with these allegations. now, if thomas fails to pay up, his private company, hlt swingaway will be liable and if assets aren't available there, the city can go after thomas' personal property. the court papers showed the councilmember also negotiating with the federal government to repay outstanding student loan debts. justice department was seeking $20,000 to pay off loans incurred in the 1908s. he agreed to pay off that debt in monthly installments over a three-year period. >> all right. thank you so much. coming up next, a man who police say was high on pcp goes on a ram people at a local hospital. -- on a rampage at a local hospital. >> a robber caught on camera
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site violent attack at a local hospital by a man on drugs. police say marlin summerville stabbed a visitor with scissor and threatened others at prince william hospital in manassas monday night and admitted for being on pcp. officers had to tase him four separate times, use their batons and deploy a police dog to get him under control. prince george's county police asking for your help in the search for a missing 76- year-old man. john holiday hawkins was last seen driving away from his home in temple hills at 6:00 last night. he was taking a family member to the naylor road metro. hawk ins was driving a 2005 green chrysler 300 with maryland tags a 056455. if you have any information on
6:12 am
the whereabouts of john holiday hawkins, please call prince george's county police. a robbery in montgomery village but it wasn't cash that the criminal was after. police say the robber who held up a cvs on montgomery village avenue wanted drugs. they say this is the suspect right here. his arm in a sling and a bandage around his head. police say on christmas eve, he handed employees a note ordering them to give him drugs. they complied and he took off. it is the kind of cold that cuts right through you. >> we'll check in with tony for find out how much longer the first real cold of the season is going to stick around. it is cold, folks. 17degrees is says there on your screen. we'll have more after this. ♪
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6:15 am well, can you expect more traffic around the already pizzey stretch? alexandria off 395.
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the brac move wraps up this month. 6400 federal employees will work there. most was the center of controversy when reports surfaced that a traffic impact study was flawed. well, traffic seems to be moving quite along out there. this is actually a live shot we're taking a look at. interstate 68 at savage mount train. this is western maryland where we know that they've been reporting snow. >> this is cambridge actually. >> oh, you're right. wrong camera. >> we don't have any snow there. >> good eye, steve chenevey. >> these are the cold temperatures. >> i was thinking there is no snow there. >> we just saw something do something illegal. >> they were going to make a right an a quick left. >> this is what -- there is some snow on the ground. >> that is 68. i was like wow, there is a lot of traffic out there. i think i can see the snow on the side there. >> they are smart enough to
6:17 am
stay off the wet, snowy roads. lots of practice is what comes with that. >> luckily, we don't have snow on the ground here in the d.c. area but out there in western maryland, we sure do have some delays out there. as you've been telling the folks about. we will continue to see cold conditions, brutally cold out there this morning. coldest air we've had so far this season. we will have another cold day on tap but there is some improvement towards the end of the week. first, let's take a look at yesterday's high temperatures. you can memorize them if you want. to i think today appear highs will be similar. reagan national, 34 degrees yesterday. if anything, we may add a couple of degrees here and there across portions of the region. dulles, 31 with the high. bwi marshall, 32 degrees was your high temperature. current temperatures around the region, no big change this hour. 17degrees here in washington still. gaithersburg is at 10 degrees. annapolis, 17. quantico, 19. dulles, 14. these are the actual
6:18 am
temperatures. these are not wind chills. so very cold. check out winchester which has now dropped off to seven degrees at this hour. we'll broaden this picture for you. we can show you that the mid- atlantic and the northeast all cold. binghamton, new york, be happy you are not there. it is one degree right now in binghamton. very cold air in place. let's take a look at the satellite-radar composite for us this morning. we've got pretty clear skies. gave you the chance to really try to get a look at the meteor shower that was supposed to be occurring overnight. i looked. i only saw one shooting star. tucker said he saw two. so maybe we weren't looking in the right place. there you go. fairly clear skies. we've got more cloud cover building in during the course of the day today. i think during the afternoon hours, you will have more clouds than sun. during the morning, more sun than clouds. forecast for washington for today look like. this mick of clouds and sun. another cold day but not as breezy as it was yesterday. the winds have shifted too out
6:19 am
of the south and west. 34degrees for your high in town. some of you may top out in the upper 20s today. then for tonight, mostly cloudy skies. a few flurries are certainly possible. overnight low, 29 degrees. so not quite as cold overnight but the breezes, the winds do pick up just a little bit. for your five-day forecast, tomorrow, a cool day. in the mid-40s. that is about where we should be. actually a couple of degree above norm actual milder friday and saturday into the low and mid-50s. that is not bad. when sunday rolls around, we'll get some clouds. we'll get some showers coming in. that is a possibility at least. 48degrees for your high as those temperatures begin to drop off again. all right. that is the latest on what is happening with weather. julie wright is here this morning despite the cold temperatures. she made it in and she has the latest on traffic. >> the dog looked at me and said honey, i ain't working for a living. somebody has to pay the mortgage. get out. it is heavy, slow and
6:20 am
steady coming out of manassas. crawling along right now leave business 234. southbound on the baltimore- washington parkway working your way out to 410, southbound bw parkway closed after the quit for 410 with a crash. park police are on the scene. expect deas a building from the beltway headed south. northbound lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. coming up nexting we'll go live to fox business network in new york. we'll talk more about the market's first of the day new year. not a great day if you are headed to your local starbucks. we'll explain why next. next. >> price hikes apparently. are you still going to go? >> probably. >> me too. it's the perfect time to find great deals
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i was using cascade actionpacs. they just didn't have that spot free look. when i took the finish challenge, i could tell there was a difference. my dishes had a shine on them. i'm moving on to finish quantum. take the finish challenge. get up to half off. we check business headlines this morning. starbucks rolling out another price hike. more on that in just a minute. see how things went on the
6:24 am
first day of trading, 2012. lauren simonetti in new york. >> if every day were like yesterday, it would be a great year y it would be a great year. we had 1.5% gains for all three major averages. in the u.s., those gains are fading this morning. it was a great day on the first trading day of the year yesterday. >> let's talk about starbucks. let's get to where it really matters right now. the latest price hikes no on the big drink thaws get, the ones where we just want a little taste of it. >> on the small guys, tall lattes and tall coffee are going up by out a dime in many markets. so basically, this is an overall 1% increase in starbucks beverages in markets in the northeast, not including california and south florida and also in the sun belt states. so starbucks is kind of being picky about what information that they're telling us but they've raised prices in most markets. the reason would be commodity costs. milk prices are up. coffee prices are actually down and starbucks wants to keep up
6:25 am
its reputation as being the snooty coffee place with the premium prices. and there is lots of competitors now hike coffee bean and identity leaf that have coffee and sell it higher than starbucks coffee. >> somehow, i would think if you are only raising the prices of certain sizes, it is more the latter than the former but that's just my opinion and we all know we go with the big sizes anyway. thank you. we'll talk to you again tomorrow. happy new year once again. >> thank you. we are back to the big story this morning. if what happened in iowa last night is any indication, the fight for the republican presidential nomination is going to be a fierce one. mitt romney, rick santorum separated by just eight votes. we're back in a moment with all the details.  . welcome to carmax.
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a heads up about some cool closings and delays today. in virginia, win chester city schools are closed. clark county schools delayed by two hours. in maryland, algainy and garrett county schools or a two- hour delay. in west virginia, grant, hampshire, hardy and mineral county are all delayed by two hours. snow, that being the issue out there as you take a look at we were maryland right now, this is interstate 68 at savage mountain. you can see the snow out there and a few cars. thankfully, just a few cars this looks like because probably not the best to be driving in. >> interstate still looks wet right now with these temperatures in the -- down well into the teens. that could freeze over at any point. >> is that car sliding? >> no. >> it is tough to tell with the headlights there. >> they are actually moving at pretty good speeds. >> i think this is a view from the future. it looks like just glowing
6:30 am
somethings moving along a track. check into that. >> okay. >> sure hay not flying cars. >> it might be hovering. -- sure they're not flying cars? >> it might be hovering. >> did you stay up late to watch the primaries last night. >> stayed up late doing something. >> all right. we got to go. let's take a look at the satellite-radar. we have to move these along. things look pretty good right now. we do have some clouds. currently 17-degree here in washington. relative humidity, only 37%. today, partly sunny skies. still cold but less breezy. high about 34 degrees. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. coming up in about 15 minutes, today's edition of act weather guys. it is all about soccer/football. >> i sense a deferring to tucker for that one. >> we'll see. >> all right. right now, julie wright. >> what i know is that the southbound stretch of the baltimore-washington parkway is where we had lanes blocked after 410. now, some people are saying that they are being allowed to get by the accident scene
6:31 am
single file to the right. heads up, southbound on the parkway as you leave the beltway headed in towards riverdale. you may want to stick with route 50. use that as your alternative route headed in towards northeast washington. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. ic. turning now to the race for the white house, the results of the iowa caucuses now in. >> more than 120 republicans in the state caucus but only eight votes separate the top two candidates. let's go to peter deucey to break it all down. >> good morning. 120,000 voters in the -- or caucus goers i should say but but eight votes separated mitt romney from rick santorum. rome any's victory was by the limits of margin. everybody who participated can
6:32 am
wake up and say their vote definitely counted. >> 1770 precincts reporting, governor mitt romney received 30,015 votes. senator rick santorum received 30,007 votes. >> so rome any within by eight votes even though he and santorum got 25% of the overall total. >> cop great lags to rick santorum. this has been a great victory for him and his effort. he has worked hard in iowa. we feel it has been a great victory for us here. >> reporter: after santorum's surprise second place finish, has advisors say this is now a two person race for the finish. >> game on. >> reporter: he will now spend six of the next seven days in new hampshire going after romney ahead of their first in the nation primary. >> with your help and god's grace, we'll have another fun night a week from now. god bless you. >> reporter: third place went to ron paul y i think there is
6:33 am
nothing to be ashamed of. everything to be satisfied and be ready and raring to move on. >> reporter: former house speaker newt gingrich three week ago a frontrunner came in fourth. texas governor rick perry came in fifth. he had plans for the third contest, south carolina but he came in fifth last night. >> i've decided to return to texas, assess the results of tonight's caucus, determine whether there is a path forward for myself and n. this race. >> reporter: bachmann finished even lower, sixth, but says her campaign will go on. >> i believe i am that true conservative who can and who will defeat barack obama. >> reporter: so last night was the first caucus, the first primaries. new hampshire next tuesday on january 10th. and in a poll that was taken just before the iowa caucus, romney has a 4 #% advantage over the rest of the field and
6:34 am
last night's big surprise winner only has 5% in new hampshire right now but he says he is heading up to the north to try to chip away at romney's 43%. we'll see if it works. back to you. >> close to the home court advantage for mitt romney. thank you, peter. another big story. it appears d.c. council member harry thomas did not pay the city the second installment of $50,000. >> this is all part of an agreement to repay the money he allegedly took from a city fund. stacy cohan following the new developments for us here in the stewed yankee. >> good morning. of course, this news come just a month after the fbi and irs searched the home of councilmember harry thomas as part of a criminal probe into these allegations. >> the city claims thomas took money that was supposed to be used for a youth sports charity and instead used it to buy himself a luxury suv and fancy trips. now, thomas has not admitted any wrong doing but he did agree to pay back the $300,000
6:35 am
in question. however, he missed this second $50,000 installment that was due on december 31st. if the councilmember fails to pay up, either personally or through his private company, hlt swingaway, the government can then go after his personal property. this apparently isn't his only debt to set the court documents show he was recently forced to pay up on student loans date back to the 190s. the justice department was seeking $20 how from thomas. he worked out a deal to pay become about 17,000 over the next three years. stay tuned. >> for sure. thank you. it is the nation's capital but it is not a state. and people here in washington d.c. say they're ready for that to change. today, vincent gray, kwame brown, michael brown and david cat ran i can't will hold a news conference. they will make a trip to new hampshire where they will make the case that the district should become the nation's 51st state. en make sure you stay with fox 5 morning news. congresswoman eleanor holmes
6:36 am
norton will join us live with her hopes for the district in 2012. that is coming up in our 8:00 hour. other topper toies, a man on drugs goes on a rampage at a local hospital. list say the man, marlin summerville, stabbed a visitor with scissors and threatened others. he admitted to be on pcp. officers had to tase him four times and deploy a police dog to get him under control. police in manassas had previously arrested him for breaking and entering a home on new year's eve. fairfax county police have identified the man whose body was found in the water near bell haven marina. they say it is 23-year-old mohammed raymond of alexandria. investigators tell us so far there is nothing to indicate foul play. they are waiting for the medical examiner to determine the cause of death. a robe in montgomery village but this was not cash that the criminal was after. police say the robber who held up a cvs on montgomery village
6:37 am
avenue wanted drugs. they say the suspect is this person. his arm in a sling and a bandable around his head. police say on christmas eve he handed employees a note ordering them on give him drugs. they complied and he took off. police still looking for him. sure, cold weather means it may take a little bit longer to get ready in the morning. >> some some, it is a welcome sign. we are hitting the slope to see how one area ski resort is doing now that the weather is finally cooperating for them. time now is 6:47. time now is 6 -- time now is 6:37.
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thanks, mom. who are you calling "mom"? dunkin' sausage pancake bites, delicious like mom's, only easier to carry -- get three for $1.59. she was a park ranger, the wife and mother of two young daughters. sunday, margaret anderson was shot and killed in washington state. she once worked in our area. some of her former colleagues
6:41 am
are sharing their memories. paul wagner has more. >> reporter: if you ever hiked the billy grote trail, you may have encountered margaret anderson. >> the great falls area, potomac river gorge gets a lot of visitation and just being out there to be a public presence, keep people safe, to protect the resource, to just serve the public whether it was answering questions or if someone had injured themselves and they needed assistance, she would be the one to do it. >> reporter: margaret anderson died sunday in mount rainier national mark when investigators say benjamin colton barnes shot her as he raced away from a ranger checkpoint. anderson had set i'm roadblock in hopes of stopping barnes. anderson didn't know it but barnes was a suspect in a knew year's day shooting that left four people wounded.
6:42 am
>> what i saw of her, she was completely dedicated to the job. she never shied away from situations and from work. i truly believe that she wanted to make this place a better place for the public. >> barnes' body was discovernated discover -- discovered in a frigid mountain creek where he apparently died of exposure. >> she was an excellent officer, excellent human being. and my heart really goes out to her and to her husband, eric and their two daughters. >> reporter: paul wagner,fox 5 news. >> according to investigators, the suspect in that killing, benjamin barnes served in iraq and was discharged for misconduct in 2009. the mother of his daughter said he was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and
6:43 am
was suicidal. other headlines this morning, charges are expected to be filed today against a man suspected of dozens of arson fires in los angeles. police arrested german national harry burkhart after the feds recognized him in a security video. investigators believe he was angry over his mother's legal troubles. dorothy burkhart is all behind bars facing 19 counts ever fraud in her native country of germany. the man accused in fire bombing in new york now charge wade hate crime. he confessed to a new year's day arson attack at an islamic center. the other attacks were aimed at a convenience store and three houses where the man said he had personal conflicts. a dead body found on the queen of england's estate while she is visiting the property for new year's. a man found the girl's remains on new year's day on the sand ring ham estate in eastern england. investigators believe the body
6:44 am
had been there for at least a month and think foul play was involved. dna from the autopsy is expected sometime later on today. sandringham covers an area larger than manhattan, new york and parts of the estate are open to the public. tony is back with a look at our forecast. can't get over the cold right now. >> you can't get over it and you have to bundle up this morning and get the kid bundle up. temperatures are in the teens this morning across the area. those are the actual air temperatures. let's take a look. we'll show you just how cold it is. the current temperature at reagan national is 17 degrees. it is 17 degrees in annapolis. 19 at quantico. 10 in gaithersburg. winchester is at a cold nine degrees. culpeper, 14 degrees and off to the east, we've got 19 in cambridge, 1 in stevensville. let's take a look -- 19 in
6:45 am
stevensville. let's take a look -- sorry my coat is getting caught up on my equipment, my gear. we have agot cold air in place for this morning. but a warm front is going to be coming through and for the latter part of the week, we'll get mild are air in here. friday and saturday, temperatures will be in the 50s. showers will arrive on sunday. here is the forecast for today. a mix of clouds and sun. another cold day. not as breezy and i don't think we'll see the snow flurries that we saw yesterday. high about 34 degrees. then for tonight, we will see postally cloudy skies. not quite as cold. a few flurries are possible tonight. 29-degree, those wind couldic up a little bit. they will gust at about 15 miles per hour. five-day forecast, check it out. tomorrow, 45 degrees, so that is a nice improvement. then a better improvement on friday and saturday, highs in the mid-50s. sunday though, temperatures begin to fall off again, look if a high of about 48 degrees with a possibility of showers. ladies and gentlemen, please
6:46 am
say good morning once again to tucker barnes. >> hi, tucker. >> how are you? >> good. >> looking forward to this question. >> it is a good question. it is now time to ask the weather guys. guys. it is the segment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather- related or otherwise. today's question comes from elizabeth soren who writes, why is the sport we call soccer in america called football in almost every other country? good question. we kind of have to flip it though because it is not so much about what we call it here. it is about what they have called it elsewhere traditionally over the years because soccer -- what we call soccer here as been around for many, many, many, many years. in fact, the first use ever the term football was hundreds of years ago to describe -- and for many, many, many years,
6:47 am
hundreds of years, right up to recent times, the term football, which was very common, referred to any variety of games that involved kicking of a ball or something like that. early on, it didn't involve a ball t just involved people returning around on their feet. >> rather than on horses. >> back in the day, most sport was played by the sort of upper class because everybody else had to work for a living. they didn't have time to play. so the people that weren't playing on their horses were playing with their feet and it was called football. they would be on their feet. >> as possessed to horse ball. >> or polo. >> wonder what they would do if they were just running around on their feet. >> different games. >> don't get caught up on that. >> don't get into the weeds? okay. >> all right. overseas in england and much of the world, football, there were
6:48 am
games being played that were pretty much soccer. not this. that is american football. but what we call soccer and those games had similar rules but they would vary a little bit from region to region. in 1863, a group of teams in england decided to get together and create a standard set of rules which would be used at all of their matches. they formed the rules for what became known as association football. >> association football and back in the 1806s, they hiked to nickname things like rugby was called rugger. they took association football and the guy who did this, his name was charles red ford brown who was i astudent at oxford, he shortened the name to soccer and then the make took hold. >> where did soccer come from? from association football. >> originally it was asoccer or
6:49 am
pronounced differently. >> that was done in england. but it didn't stick there. the upper class of england called it sock fore years and years. once the working class started playing, they called if football. >> so the working class ruled. >> that's right because the game spread worldwide and the working class tended to call it football so that is what it has come to be known as. >> here, we are still elitists. >> here, we already have a sport called football that is why it hasn't caught on as football here so we went with the term soccer which the elitists used to use many years ago. >> what year did it come over here? >> who knows? >> well, before a lot of immigrants coming back and forth. >> so it was 1860 area. >> you have to spell football with a u? >> yes, you do. >> you got it. >> no. >> there you go, in recent
6:50 am
years, i found something interesting. this term football has been incorporated and formalized around the world and i'm meaning decades and take adds where a lot of these football or soccer associations are called such and such football association of this country. such and such football association where as here in america and in canada, they are soccer associations. >> it avoids the confusion. >> that is what it is. >> but with the world cup, they still call it soccer, right? >> they do in this country. i don't think they call it that in the rest of the world. >> some of the best soccer in our country is played in this area. great high school programs, that kind of thing. >> very international. >> so there you go. great question. if you have a question that you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. can you also upload your video question and me we may play it on air. >> you played overseas. did you ciewl yourself a football player or soccer
6:51 am
player. >> i called myself a soccer player and i was not i agood one. >> you played as a youth. >> when i was in high school. >> you weren't a pro player. >> when you went to the pubs in high school and tried to pick up the ladies, were you like hey, man, i'm football player. >> tried that. >> he wasn't a football player or a soccer player. he was better known as target practice. bob and weave, baby. bob and weave. let's say good morning to the crew in sky fox. they are hovering above the bw parkway. there was a crash southbound at 410. that has since cleared. thank you for the shot coming southbound. you are on the brakes leaving the beltway so below speed early this morning as you travel out of riverdale headed down into cheverly. 50 could save you a little bit of time. it is starting to stack up. outer loop of the beltway below speed. 59 college park trying to work your way past just boulevard and over towards georgia avenue, all lanes here are open. crash here at duke street has
6:52 am
cleared. expect to find heavy volume as you continue north of duke treat out towards seminary road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. if you love the cold weather, this blast of it that we're getting and the snow in some spots is great news for area ski resorts. bob barnard recently headed up north a little ways. >> reporter: this is what die- hard snowboarders and skiers have been waiting all win ther to city and here, it is all guns placing at ski liberty. >> there has not been enough snow this season at all. >> reporter: our mild winter simply a drag to washington area snow lovers. >> so far, this has been pretty disappointing. usually by this time of year, we get to go out a few times by now. so this is the first time i've been out all season. >> i love warm weather in the summer but when it is winter, i want it to be as cold as possible. it is the best weather for snowboarding. >> reporter: with low humidity and high temperatures finally
6:53 am
at or below freeze, it is game on. >> this is absolutely fantastic. it is what we've been waiting for all winter. >> reporter: ann is head of marketing for ski liberty resort. they have abeen making snow here since last thursday. mountain opened friday, three weeks later than normal. >> we couldn't ask for anything better. >> reporter: it is not just ski resorts here in the washington region that are getting hammered by this mild winter. we are hearing anecdotally from california to colorado to new england, they are hurting as well utah only places that have really prime winter conditions are new mexico right now which is just so odd. so everyone is really ready for this temperature and weather pat were to change. >> when you see them making snow -- >> this is great. walk up the hill way big smile on your face. about time. >> reporter: the snowboarders
6:54 am
are heading up the mountain. chris has his camera rolling as it was the other night, the video posted on youtube. >> i enjoy t i enjoy making videos an everything hike that. >> reporter: hoping the forecast for a late-week warm- up doesn't kill the buzz. bob barnard, fox 5 news. coming up in our next hour,ments a simple story a solid message and a whole lot of singing and dancing in between. >> we are taking you behind the scenes of that classic production, hairspray. find out what it takes to put on the show. how. ♪ i'm feelin', feelin' a sunny day ♪
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good morning i am annie yu. on this wednesday we are taking you back to 1962. we are live at signature
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teeter, arlington virginia where hair spray is in town they are here until january 29th. if you haven't seen it, you got to see it. if you have seen it you got to see it again it is just that good. truly a musical you will want to see over and over gain. now is your chance it is about a teenage girl with a dream to dance captivating, inspiring, just filled with great music and dancing and you will be dancing all the way home because i know i did. throughout the morning we will be hanging out with some of the cast members and talk about the production, dancing and they are even going to perform for us we are in for a special treat this morning sarah. some of your dance moves too annie. we will check with you later on. time to say good morning to today's facebook fan of the day from culpepper virginia she says she is one of our biggest fans, good morning to you if you want to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook
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searching fox 5 morning news then post a comment under lakesha's photo. now let's send it over to alison joining steve good morning. >> thank you sarah so much. coming up, every vote in iowa sure did count mitt romney edges out rick santorum by the slimmest of margins. this is campaign night where america wins we are going to change the white house and get america back on track. the race to the white house shifts focus to new hampshire and proving too tough for one candidate a live report from des moines. dc councilmember harry thomas misses an important deadline. rumors swirl whether his job is in jeopardy. fox 5 morning news at 7 starts now checking outs


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